Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm afraid of pie

(This is not the actual Colorado... the real one is blonde and 6'4'' ish. This is the CO from John Wayne.)

As promised... a Colorado update! :)

First of all, if you haven't watched the old John Wayne classic "Rio Bravo." STOP reading and go do that now. It will completely explain the nick name that is Colorado.

Anyway, Colorado and I have been texting for a couple of weeks. Ladies, don't be jealous but he is pretty awesome.
1. He can intelligently debate cows and dogs (though he doesn't agree about what I think it is the best breed of cow or the best working breed of dog.)
2. He is HILARIOUS! (I'm mean witty, seriously witty.)
3. He is good lookin'.
4. He is a good texter... I mean, he texts you back, he doesn't text one word replies, and he asks as many questions as he answers. (Good texter :)
5. He can debate anything ranch related... anything... and he knows what he/ I am talking about.
6. For a ranch guy he has an amazing vocabulary~ words used appropriately!
7. He actually spells things out so reading his texts aren't like deciphering an ancient language.
8. Most importantly he is painfully honest! (For those of you who know me, know that this is the MOST important thing.) He isn't just honest when it pays off for him.
There is one little problem HE WANTS TO HAVE PIE! WHAT? You think this is a joke? It isn't!

So it sounds pretty awesome, right? Here is the problem... I'm broken. My roommate Amber and I have talked about this many times, and there are several issues:
1. I'm afraid that I'll like someone and he won't like me back.
2. WORSE~ He will like me and I won't like him back! awkwardness
3. What if I think he is amazing... when in truth he is a loser... and I marry him anyway. Signing myself up for a life of misery. (I'm capable of this.)
4. I eat pie... and I ruin everything that has been so fun! It isn't worth it. So I vote no pie! What is wrong with just texting the rest of my life?
5. He realizes I'm a bigger girl than my photo's revealed and it makes him toss his cookies.
6. I don't like pie (I mean I seriously don't eat pie, it is gross)... that can't be a good omen, right?

So, what is the verdict? Pie or no Pie?


  1. I don't like coffee either:) I'm thinking I'll just back out on the entire thing!