Thursday, February 24, 2011


I didn’t even attempt to search out the feeling of death again last night; the feeling had stayed with me all day, and long into the night. I think the combination of stopping Pepsi cold turkey (I’ve been a serious addict for a long time) and exercising for the first time in forever… my body rebelled. Though I consider it lame that I didn’t make it two days in a row with the exercise, I consider it AWESOME that I’ve now made it two days without Pepsi… go me! I’m going to try and hit the pavement again tonight, hopefully not literally.
** Without the Pepsi I have felt lethargic and run down. I actually contemplated taking a nap while the students were at recess; the feeling didn’t pass, but I didn’t give into the urge either.
I also think that Z-dog was a little disappointed that we didn’t go last night. She kept giving me the “look” and was up twice during the night… boredom?

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