Monday, October 27, 2014

39 weeks

So, I'm finally 39 weeks pregnant.

It seems the time has flown and stood still. All at once.

I have spent the last few weeks scrambling to get everything finished at work and making sure that all the ends are tied up so that they can function without bothering me for the 8 weeks I will be gone.

I have held steady at 235 pounds for over a month now. That is up 46 pounds from the 189 I weighed when I got pregnant. I won't be dwelling on the fact that 189 was HIGH for what my maintenance weight was. Oh man, I swear I will love the 170's and my body like never before when I finally get back there.

I had a dream the other night that I ran 8 miles. It was so real. The burn in my lungs and the weight of my legs. I woke up sad that I had become such a sloth.

I will be a warrior again. It will just take time. I'm not going to allow obesity to become a part of my life again. I just can't.

38 plus weeks.

38 weeks.
Last year my sister and sister in law were pregnant. This year, my sister in law and myself are preggers. So stinking cute!
So, I think I'm pretty dang cute pregnant. I also think it is amazing what our bodies can do! Can you believe that cute belly is carrying a human? It is seriously is amazing.
I think I have learned to be comfortable in my body. To love myself no mater the size, but I will not stay this size. I can't. It is too hard on my joints. On my body. I found the freedom of my body being able to do anything I want it to do. Now that I have had  taste of it, I won't be content until there again.


  1. I think you are pretty dang cute pregnant too!!

  2. I'm now calling November 7. I think you will be in labor as I fly over Utah! ;)