Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bustin' balls

For real. I commited 12 days ago to living better and being healthy.

I have stuck with it! No candy/treats and no soda for 12 days.

Those first 3 days dang near killed me, especially the 2nd one. It made feel like I had the flu and I had zero energy. I just couldn't believe what it made me feel.

Anywho, it really has gotten much easier and basically the treats are no threat to me.

They would be if I hadn't made that bet. No way in hell will I be the first one to break.

Also, in the 12 days have ran 3 timres and went to Crossfit 4 times.

Guess what the scale has done?

Well my weight the first Monday was 184.4 this morning it was 184. I'm not holding my breath for it to be much better in the morning.

I'm trying to just brush it off and move on. Recognize that it really is about taking care of my healthy..

Yadda-Yadda. Those are great things and exercise helps me to be a better person! I just want the scale to move to. Please, please you flat chested hooker, just give me a break!

On a funner note, The Husband has decided that he enjoys CF and has been 3 times already with me!


  1. Dang! You are my inspiration! My cold is finally on the way out the door and running/yoga starts tomorrow! Awesome that hubby joined CF!

  2. I'm in the SAME BOAT. It won't budge for shit.

  3. I know I give up sometimes on wanting the scale to move and agree with me...hugs.