Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. Like Rockband Barbie... I'm not ever really sure what day it is. I keep forgetting to weigh in and everything.

2. This morning the scale said 165.0. That is the lowest I ever remember seeinh.

3 The reason for the new low from the scale today is this:
Isn't he cute? His name is Slim and I just about need a ladder to get on him. Last year I would have needed a rock! Thanks Lap Band.

4. Being only 20 pounds from my "goal weight" I'm wondering if it is low enough. I'm pretty happy with everything except my spare tire. It just doesn't seem to get smaller... well I know it has, but it is still too big for comfort.

5. All the horse riding is adding some good definition to my legs! :)

6. I know I've been a lame blogger, but  I swear I'm reading what you all post. (Sometimes from the back of a horse via my smartphone.)

7. Those pants I'm wearing in the picture... Size 11. NOT-SAD-AT-ALL.

8. Cows are about to slow down a little, at least for a couple weeks. So I'm going to resume a regular exercise program. I'm kinda excited about running... I even bought new shoes.

9. I got a camera for my 25th birthday! :) So I've been packing it around on the horse, taking great candid pictures. Wanna see? I knew it.

Living the life! I L-O-V-E Summer! 


  1. Glad you are so happy and enjoying life! Why am I not surprised by the purchasing of new shoes?!

  2. YAY!! Awesome pictures!! I completely understand about trying to figure out an actual goal weight... I struggle with trying to find out what my ideal weight should be. Enjoy Slim! xxx

  3. looks so fun! You look great! That is one giant horse! He looks like a warmblood!

  4. Lookin' good mama!! that guy is giant!! glad your having a good summer :)