Friday, February 6, 2015

The bearded man moved in Dr.Pepper

So a long time ago I wrote about how I would never drink Pepsi again. I swore the last one would be with my "Last Supper." You can read about it here

You know what? I have stuck to that. I never went back to that Pepsi. It was a clean break.

The real problem happened when I married my handsome husband.

**He started the beard for no shave November and just never quit.**

Well when that handsome guy moved in, he brought Dr. Pepper with him. It is constantly in the fridge. I never told him I wasn't strong enough for it to be there. I never asked him to keep it in his cooler, or not to keep the fridge stocked. I thought I was strong enough.... I wasn't

So today, again, I will say goodbye to that icy friend(enemy?) and move forward with the weight loss journey that is never ending.

This weeks new sweater... I can't get the picture to rotate.

ANNNNNNNNND!!!!! My dream house. I am seriously in love with this house. **sigh** one day.


  1. Nice Dream House!!! He looks cute with the beard and Dr Pepper - if you kicked the pepsi - dr pepper should be do able!

  2. I believe putting it in writing means you can do it. Speaking it into existence! Be strong... I love some dr pepper!